Chi sono

Daniele Lunghini (Rome-1967)

works as a Director and Painter.

With his 3D-short-film “The Scandal Photos” he won the Grand Prize of World Animation Celebration (Los Angeles), and, with his “Imagine” (Montecarlo, 2001), the category of Best European Production. Lunghini has been selected to participate in the Festivals of New York, Miami, Melbourne, Tokyo and another 40 Events, and hereby won 6 international awards.

He was further chosen by Clarts (the Disney University), for an international Show. With “Little Numba”, Lunghini obtained various international awards. In 2009 was invited to take part to the international project “The Danger Global Warming Project”.

As painter he developped and parteciped at numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Rome, Tokyo, Reggio Emilia, Guastalla.
As collective, he develloped:

  • selumanitàscoprisselaverità
  • Ai Mostri Tempi
  • Viaggiatore Viaggiante

International reviews about Lunghini works

  • NHK television: “A new very young blood director”
  • “A great energy.”
  • Animation World Network: “Lunghini has fully realized the potentialities of a great concept”
  • Enterteinment Today: ”A terrific new concept for CGI animation.”
  • Monsieur Cinema: “A fantastic demonstration of 3D”.
  •” A brilliant narrative trick.”
  • ”A must see – Highly recomended.”
  • Stuttgarter Zeitung: “An attractive with jazz style homage to noir movies”
  • The Desert Sun (Palm Springs): “An original way to tell a story”


  • Grand Prize at World Animation Celebration  (Hollywood) 2001
  • Best European Production at Imagina  (Montecarlo) 2002- 2° at Kirin Awards  (Tokyo)
  • 1° atProject Team Doga (Osaka)  2002
  • 1° Arcipelago Film Festival (Roma)
  • 3° Experimental Zurich Festival
  • Selected by Disney Cal Arts, per il programma “Best indipendent works”; “Show for Shows” (Los Angeles),  screened in Pixar, Disney, PDI, Universal; Canale francese Arté, Television Espanola, Politecnico di Milano, Aardman Studio The Short List network; Rai; New York Festival, Miami, Toronto, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Mellbourne
  • 3° Project Team Doga (Tokyo)
  • Audience Award at Vallelacas Festival (Spain)
  • Selected at festival Osaka, Tokyo, Toronto, Mellbourne, Paris, Berlin.
  • Selected in DVD of Creative Review
  • Best Italian Short at Arcipelago 2002
  • Invited by Istituto di Cultura Italiano in Paris: “Italian shorts : le court-métrage en Italie”